Our Legacy as Democrats

Our Legacy as Democrats 

Democrats have fought for and still promote

   Alternative energy exploration for national security

   Americans with Disabilities Act

   Child and Maternal Health

   Civil Rights and justice for all

   Climate change education and proactive defense

   Collective bargaining as a basic human right

   Consumer protection laws

   Diplomacy as the first anchor of national defense

   Discrimination elimination

   Ecological sanity regarding climate change

   Educational grants for veterans and college students

   Environmental Protection Act (air, land and water)

   Equal Pay for women and men

   Ethics in business and government

   Trade based on fair international agreements

   Family Leave legislation

   Food for the hungry

   Gun Ownership: responsible and reasonable rules

   International cooperation rather than supremacy

   International trade that respects local economies

   Job Expansion programs for the unemployed

   Labor Laws to protect women and children

   Medicare, Medicaid and Affordable Healthcare

   Military preparedness: sufficient and efficient
   Minimum wage updates that are just and adequate

   National defense with reasonable redundancy

   Peace through economic and military strength

   Privacy rights legislation

   Small business promotion, expansion and tax credits

   Social Security for seniors and the disabled

   Taxation that is progressive and adequate for social needs

   Veterans’ benefits and support

   Voting rights protected against all obstacles

   Women, Infants and Children benefits (WIC)

   Worker’s Rights and collective bargaining Women’s Rights legislation.