We the People…     

We are one nation composed of many peoples.  We believe that our national strength comes from assuring that all members of our society are endowed with equal rights and equal opportunities.  We believe that government plays a positive role in protecting individual liberties, facilitating economic development, ensuring equality of opportunity, assuring fair and progressive taxation based on the ability to pay, and helping to meet the basic needs of vulnerable individuals and families. We are committed to make government at all levels more responsive, more accountable, more transparent, and more cost effective. We hold government accountable for proper financial management, national and domestic security, and promoting the common good of all citizens.

To form a more perfect Union…

   Personal Responsibility

  • We believe that we all bear personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country. Collectively, we all share in the responsibility of aiding and supporting our neighbors, both in good times and in bad.


  • All children have the right of equal access to quality public education that is properly funded by the government at all levels. In a dramatically changing economy, opportunities for re-education must be widely available for those who wish to develop new skills.


  • Respecting diversity creates national strength, expands communal enrichment, and promotes the common good.

Establish Justice…

   Equal Protection

  • We believe in equal protection under the law whereby justice and laws apply to all equally and without discrimination.

   Equal Opportunity

  • We believe that equal opportunity in business, employment, education, and housing must exist for all. Democrats condemn intolerance and unfairness in all circumstances.


  • Justice balances freedom and rights and assures that the rights of one do not extend into the privacy of others.

   Civil Rights

  • People have the right to pursue justice without fear of repercussion because of religion, race, age, cultural or ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, income level, social status or political party.  Laws must be enforced to adequately guarantee human rights for all persons in our country.


  • We support the right of workers to a safe and secure workplace and to fair compensation that includes a living wage, health insurance, and other benefits.  All workers have the right to negotiate with their employers in collective bargaining to create greater security or redress grievances, which in turn creates greater productivity.

Insure domestic Tranquility…

      Economic Security 

  • Communities have a vital interest in growing a strong, viable economy for the betterment of individuals, families, businesses and the nation. We support entrepreneurship and community-based business as the cornerstone of American prosperity. We believe that investment in growth and innovation must also provide quality working and workplace conditions.


   National Deficit

  • The national deficit is unsustainable and must be vigorously addressed, but not on the backs of the middle class or the poor. The tax code must be progressive, fair, and based on one’s ability to pay.

   Health Care

  • Affordable and available health care is the right of all Americans to assure stronger families, healthier communities, economic growth, and national security.

   Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare

  • For generations Democrats have fought to protect these basic human rights for all our people, and we will continue to protect these rights against any and all who seek to diminish them. These programs assure economic security of the nation.

Provide for the common defense…

   Homeland & Community Security

  • As we support peace and security, we value the courage and strength of those who defend our communities and country.  We advocate for sufficient funding, personnel, and technology as well as to preserve the right to privacy even in difficult circumstances.


  • While supporting the enforcement of boundaries and assuring homeland security, we believe that comprehensive immigration reform must reflect humane practices and fairness to families while valuing the economic and cultural contributions which immigrants make to our communities.

   Service Members

  • Every service member and veteran deserves our respect and gratitude. Recognizing that psychological, social, and economic issues adversely impact veterans, we advocate aggressive action to address the problems of homelessness, disability, illness, unemployment, and underemployment among veterans.

Promote the general Welfare…


  • The general welfare of Arizonans is promoted through stewardship of human resources, public education, protection of natural resources and the environment, promoting entrepreneurship and economic development, providing adequate housing, and the elimination of hunger and poverty.

   Re-commitment to care

  • It is the responsibility of government to provide for the common welfare of all, but particularly for individuals and groups who historically have been relegated to second class status or who have been subjected to discrimination, such as:  minorities, women, children, the aging, those lacking sufficient education, the sick, and the disabled.


  • In the face of global warming and a real threat to the future of planet Earth, we are committed to making smart changes in policies related to air, water and land use.  We promote innovations that procure and preserve energy sources that do not degrade the atmosphere. The survival of future generations depends on our success in protecting the Earth.

   Political participation

  • The strength of the nation is undermined by the egregious disparity of wealth among the social economic classes. We must close this ever-widening gap to assure political and economic stability.  We oppose the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United , which further undermines social stability by allowing corporations to have undue influence over political processes in the nation.

Assure the blessings of liberty…

For the continuance of a vibrant democracy, the blessings of liberty can only be assured through the promotion of equality, freedom, personal responsibility, political involvement, entrepreneurship, economic development, providing adequate and effective human services for those who need them, and by guaranteeing the human and civil rights of everyone under the rule of law.


Our Democratic Principles